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VIVUM 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

Oct 10, 2018

VIVUM 2018 is an enormous student organized event at The International School, Bangalore that markets themselves as “India’s largest student led festival.”

An essay on Chemical Warfare

Jun 1, 2018

Chemical Warfare is simply, the use of chemicals to destroy life. It is a very powerful, devastating form of warfare, that is generally coupled with biological warfare.

Arulmigu Vaidhya Veeraraghava Swamy Koil

May 31, 2018

Arulmigu Vaidhya Veeraraghava Swamy Koil.

BOOK REVIEW - The Eyes of the Dragon

May 16, 2018

“The Eyes of the Dragon” is a story set in medieval times about magic and royal blood.


The story is well written, like most Stephen King novels, and is presnted in a third person omniscient perspective. The novel starts with an aging king who is in need of a successor, and continues to marry a young lady, almost two decades younger than him.

The story is written for the audience of Young Adults, where the hero generally wins at the end, after getting through harsh circumstances. Due to that, the narrative becomes rather predictable after the climax. The fairy tale style narrative does not lose it’s lustre, though, and manages to maintain it’s magical touch throughout the story, which is very admirable.

King Roland is portrayed as a good king. Not a great king, not a terrible king, but a good king. He was good enough to make sure that his subjects were happy enough. Luckily, he married a queen who could help him rule his subjects wisely. She died during the birth of her second child, and plunged the kingdom into sorrow. This is later revealed to be a murder, by the royal midwife herself..

Like most other novels based on monarchy, the King will have to choose a successor. In this case, it is his oldest son Peter who will succeed him after his passing. He was considered a noble boy from his childhood, and was described as a perfect child, with a true king’s character. I was slightly disappointed by thie way Peter’s childhood was set up, as he has everything that made a worthy successor, there were relatively no flaws shown in his character, he was perfect. He was perfect in almost every matter, except when he fell into the magician’s trap set for him. Although his emotions were quite clear, he mas maybe.. a bit too perfect, and even his mistakes were takne care of by his extremely loyal friends.

In the background, the author describes the villain. I like the way he has portrayed the villain. He id left ambiguous, and his origin is an enigma. He does not have any grudge against the city, nor does he have anything against the king. He is plainly described as a magician with pale white skin, existing purely for the purpose of spreading evil. In many books I’ve read before, this type of villian fails to show any purpose, but Flagg the magician is an interesting character in the sense that he had been causing chaos in this kingdom for centuries.

Flagg had centuries of experience and expertise in killing off people and causing chaos in a kingdom. He was already causing disturbances as the former king’s chief advisor, but he wanted more. He wanted to engulf the palace in bloodshed. He wanted to absolutely destroy what King Roland had struggled to keep together. Hence, he killed the king, and framed his eldest son, Peter, for the murder.

Peter eventually escapes from his prison as the top of a 300ft tall tower using an ingenious method that even Flagg failed to predict, until the story’s ending. The theme of loyalty is spread out over the entirety of the novel, where Peter’s friends and family support him till the end. Even Thomas, his envious younger brother has a part to play in Peter’s crowning, as he is the one to kill Flagg.

The story justifies itself by using the dragon’s head as a pivot around which the story revolves. King Roland had killed it earlier, by sending an arrow through it’s throat. Thomas becomes sad and frustrated because Flagg showed him how to spy on his father, through the Dragon’s head in his chamber. His father deos not seem to be the noble king he was when he sat on his throne. This was because, he was seeing Through the eyes of the dragon, and all that a dragon sees is green, everything as a shade of the pale green it’s eyes are made of, where everything looks like it deserves to burn in agony. This ironically makes Flagg’s plan fail, due to the fact that Thomas watched his own father get poisoned by Flagg through the eyes of the dragon.

The story guides the reader through a magical yet realistic journey of the Royal family’s life, and depicts it well. The novel has a rather bittersweet ending, where Peter is crowned king, but the kingdom is still in part ruin. The ending is what I like most in the story, because the author himself says it wouldn’t end happily ever after, as life has to continue, and the people in the story have to get back to their own lives. The part that I did not like very much was the unnecessary love story between Naomi and Ben Staad, Peter’s best friend, who eventually married. It could have been omitted without disturbing the main plot of the novel.

Overall, The Eyes Of The Dragon had smooth storytelling, and a well written story. I’d recommend that you read this book. It may be slightly boring at parts, but it is surely worth a read from anyone. This is my second stephen King book, after “Full Dark, No stars, which was a very different kind of read.

The woes of game obsession.

Mar 31, 2018

Yesterday, I finished Super Hexagon. For the third time.